Oxygen for India

Oxygen for India

We’ve seen it across the news, India is suffering right now - what isn’t communicated is the sheer distraught and fear this circumstance brings to those in it.

India this week reported over 4000 deaths in one day due to COVID-19, with a total death toll reaching near 250,000 people, and over 2 million positive cases - this second wave is brutal.

The most horrific scenarios are playing out due to India’s shortage of medical oxygen, beds, crucial medicine and supplies - and that’s where we come in.

I am committed to ensuring that the support goes directly to the right people.

Therefore, I have set up an ‘Oxygen for India’ fund.

Based in New Delhi, Pankaj Wadhawan is actively supporting the community through procuring regular medicines, oximeters, masks, cylinders, and oxygen concentrators to help people with emergency situations. Pankaj has been good to South Australia and it’s my intention to return the favour. I also acknowledge the support of my colleagues Sooraj and Neeraj Dhawan.

(Image: Pankaj Wadhawan ,Me and Matt Grant in India 2016- SA Government Trade Mission)

About the fund:

It’s a separate account that I’ve created to steer away from the corruption that is commonly found among some of India’s NGOs. This is the fastest way we can ensure maximum efforts and resources are delivered.

The goal:

This fund will be used to directly purchase Oxygen Concentrators in India. Each Oxygen Concentrator costs around AUD $2100. They’re imported into India via the US, and come with a complete warranty. I seek to raise $21,000 to purchase ten of them - the supply is available in the coming days.

Meaning that with swift action and generosity we can see near-immediate results and lives saved - let that sink in!

In the face of such a large issue I am reminded of the Starfish story. While we may initially become overwhelmed and we may think that our efforts may not make a difference, this is far from the truth. Even if we can help one person, one family, one loved one then it is worth it.

I have deliberately chosen not to support one NGO as I cannot guarantee where the funding goes. In opting for this route I can ensure that 100 per cent of these donations will be contributed towards accomplishing our goal of purchasing ten Oxygen Concentrators.

To support, please donate to:

Oxygen for India Fund

BSB: 085 196
Account Number: 73 514 1197

I’d also ask you to clearly include your name in the transaction.

Please note that this is not a registered charity and there will not be any tax deduction.

If you feel more comfort in donating directly to an NGO then I am happy to make some recommendations but I can’t ensure where the money will go.

Any support you offer will have an impact - and I thank you in advance for your direct contribution!

Thank you
Natasha Malani

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