Women in Leadership:  Morning Pep Talk

Theme:  Women Lobbying Change: what is being done and how you can get involved

SA Leaders is facilitating a practical conversation around authentic self-expression.  You will be inspired, motivated and encouraged to drive impact and change in your business.

Val Silidker, MS, BCC
Val Silidker is the co-founder, director and lead coach trainer of Psychospiritual Institute. She is a Board Certified Coach (BCC),  Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC), and Deep Ecologist. She has been coaching individuals and facilitating groups for over 20 years, specializing in transpersonal psychology, evolutionary leadership, eco-therapy, authentic connection work, and holistic business skills. Val is also an international speaker and author of “Call of the Ecological Self." She has been featured on over 50 stages, multiple times on Hay House Radio, NBC, and USA Today, as well as numerous publications. Val works with emerging leaders and mission-driven entrepreneurs, who feel the shift in our world and want to be a catalyst for change. She supports people to deepen their self-awareness and develop personal and global leadership skills so they can confidently achieve their full potential and inspire the world through their unique gifts. Over the past few decades, she has also produced many large-scale mindful-living events, retreats, and workshops, and gratefully inspired the transformation of tens of thousands of people world-wide. Val is passionate about psychological and spiritual maturity, nature and the human psyche, feminine leadership, and rewilding our hearts. Her deepest vision is to help people remember who they are so they can live a fulfilled life, reconnect with a greater vision for humanity, and contribute wholeheartedly to our changing world. Learn more about Psychospiritual Institute at: http://psychospiritualinstitute.com/

Tracey Tito

Just 9 years ago, Tracey Tito’s life was on hold after being diagnosed with kidney cancer. But now the 60-year-old is riding the waves of life. And it's those waves that she is now literally focused on. Tracey is the skipper and producer of the FIRST all-female fishing show called ‘Get Hooked with Team Justagirl’. “It’s been one of the hardest journeys, 9 years ago I could only hope, I never imagined I would be shooting my own female fishing show with a crew of inspiring women. I pinch myself every day and we’ve only just started”, Tracey Tito Producer: Get Hooked with Team Justagirl. . It became apparent when the show hit the airwaves that there was a female audience who also wanted to go fishing and be part of the Team Justagirl movement. A new business “Fishing Trips with Skip” was conceived from the response. Hosted by Tracey (Skip)A fishing charter that creates the opportunity for women to go deep sea fishing.

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