Putting Aha moments into practice

Can you remember your last aha moment? The moment when something inside you switched on which led you to choose a different course of action?

How grateful were you to whatever it was that made that moment happen?

Now imagine the people in your business experiencing those aha moments. Imagine them gaining new insights that inspires them to Think, Feel and do something different at work that not only makes them more productive, but also improves their resilience, wellbeing and engagement. What could that do for your business?

This is what we do at Training x Design

We use our 24 years of experience in improving people performance to deliver customised learning solutions that enable people to think, feel and do more than they did before. We give them skills they need to deliver your business strategies in your way that align with your vision and your brand.

Would that make a difference to your business? Typically about 15%

Reflecting on our achievements during the year, it clear that our achievements are our client’s achievements.

During my time at SA Leaders I’ve learnt that knowing your numbers is important.

Here are only some of our numbers and achievements our client’s have experienced in 2017:

112: is the number of doctors, nurses and scientists that we turned into tour guides for the New Royal Adelaide Hospital which increased the ratio of positive media mentions during the public tours

30: is the number of people from UniSA that we turned into effective trainers while we achieved a net promotor score (NPS) of 100%

4: customer service call centres went from taking orders to becoming trusted advisers to their customers, that not only improved the customer experience but also achieved additional sales

100:  We developed the emotional intelligence of over 100 leaders whose feedback from their team went from them being “disconnected, temperamental and untrustworthy to empathetic, resilient and authentic” improving team engagement and team output

$4 million: per year is what we saved an organisation in external training costs by designing an inhouse training program delivered by skilled inhouse trainers that participants rated as significantly better than the previous training

165:  is the number of people that have improved their resilience and wellbeing and are now managing stress better and having better relationships and better outcomes

43: is the number of businesses we’ve helped maximise their performance in 2017

These achievements have led us to being one of the last 2 finalists still in the running for the Australian Institute of Training and Development’s Learning & Development Professional of the year Award which will be decided tomorrow night in Sydney (fingers crossed)

None of our success has come easy. We’ve learnt that it takes lots of effort. The effort that you put into your own development is realised when you put your aha moments into practice. Your SA Leaders experience has given you an amazing opportunity to learn from industry experts and other business professionals. Giving you the tools and strategies you need to be able to make some real changes that will grow your business.

However, the best strategies in the world are not going to work if your people don’t have the skills they need to make it work.

You’ve told me that only 14% of you believe that your people have the skills they need to deliver on your current business strategies and 90% of you say your people don’t have the skills they need to meet your growth strategy.

Yet all of you are currently implementing or planning to implement changes to your business.

What do you need to do now?

  1. Prepare your people with the skills they need to do their best work and consistently deliver your strategies.
  2. Maintain your networks to continue your learning and turn your learning into action as soon as you can.

It Takes time for people to develop new habits and become comfortable with change but the effort is worth it.

When people do better, your business does better

For more information on this article or to find out how you can get better outcomes for your people and your business contact Gina Brooks, Director – Training x Design on 0417 819 294 or at gina.brooks@trainingxdesign.com.au

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