Process Management to Automation

Ravi Fernando Founder of Thrive35 shares his in-depth knowledge of process improvement as participants are introduced to core concepts that enable effective process management, improvement and automation. Participants are given the opportunity to get a practical understanding of how success depends on processes that enable collaboration, accountability and a focus on value add. Many SMEs have significantly and rapidly improved their financial bottom line by implementing process improvement programs that are fit for purpose. Robotic Process Automation – previously considered to be the sole domain of big business – is now scalable and delivers rapid ROI to SMEs.

This session breaks down information into manageable chunks, allowing you to walk away with:

  • foundational knowledge on getting started with process management
  • a plan to get your process mapping in order
  • understanding of the role of technology in process management
  • a basic understanding of proven Lean Thinking
  • foundational knowledge about process and workflow automation

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