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Melody Horrill

Melody Horrill is an Australian author, award-winning environment/science journalist, former television presenter and documentary producer.   She is a member of the Jane Goodall Institute’s Cetacea Committee and a director of Victoria’s Dolphin Research Institute.  

In 2022 her memoir, ‘A dolphin called Jock’ was published in Australia and New Zealand. It details how an injured, wild, solitary dolphin helped her overcome a life wracked by domestic violence. The book will be released in the US/UK and Canada later this year under a new name ‘The Dolphin Who Saved Me.’  

Melody has spent much of her life lobbying for the protection of the wild dolphins in the Port River in South Australia. She co-founded a not-for-profit to raise public awareness about the dolphins and their environment. She developed a dolphin sponsorship program and was instrumental in teaching South Australians about the special river dolphins on their doorstep.  

She became the spokesperson for multiple environmental organisations which eventually led to her career in front of the camera. One of her documentaries, A Dance with a Dolphin, was broadcast nationally and globally on CNN with Melody presenting it from the US. This helped encourage the SA Government to announce Australia’s first Dolphin Sanctuary in the Port River in the mid-2000s.  

Melody continued to lobby for ongoing protection for the dolphins through her television career. She relocated to Melbourne in 2015 where she worked as a media and communication manager. She won an Australia Day Merit Award for her work during the 22019/2020 Victorian bushfires.  

After learning about the large number of unexplained dolphin deaths in the Port River, she left her job to focus on writing her memoir ‘A dolphin called Jock.   She continues to share her story and passion for dolphins and marine protection via public speaking, and penning articles for multiple publications.

Pilar Lopez

Highly dedicated and visionary Coaching Executive Director Pilar Lopez has experience and knowledge in designing and executing professional Coaching programs for individuals and teams. She enjoys creating new solutions to problems: thinking outside the box, inventing and ideating creative solutions to achieve organisational and individual outcomes. Her motto is “Make things happen”.

With a background in leadership and personal development roles across a range of industry sectors and countries Pilar has coaching qualifications recognised by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) as well as other relevant certificates in the field.

Prior to coaching, she held senior roles with multinational corporations in Europe and CALD organisations in Australia. This diverse background has given her an insight to the inner workings of organisations and to the complexities, challenges and opportunities executives encounter in these environments.

Highly attuned to what motivates people, she enjoys empowering others to find their potential, improve performance and achieve goals with a great positive attitude. People who know her say that she always give 100% and creates a positive atmosphere by inspiring all those around her

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