Friday Morning Pep Talk: Imposter Syndrome

She Believed She Could: Conquering Imposter Syndrome in Leadership

Step into your power with our enlightening session on overcoming Imposter Syndrome in leadership. Women in leadership often face unique challenges, battling doubts about their abilities and feeling undeserving of their success. This internal struggle is fueled by societal expectations and gender norms, creating a perfect storm for Imposter Syndrome to thrive.

Unlike men, women are more likely to internalise failures and attribute success to external factors, such as luck or timing. This can lead to a constant fear of being exposed as a fraud, despite their competence and accomplishments.

During our talk, we'll delve into the specific issues women face in leadership, exploring why they suffer from Imposter Syndrome more than men. We'll discuss the social and cultural factors that contribute to this phenomenon, shedding light on how to challenge these ingrained beliefs and emerge as confident leaders .

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