Innovation and Sustainability

How can my business achieve Innovation and Sustainability?

Change is constant. Change presents challenges and creates opportunities. As businesses continue to adapt, the three key drivers of value are considered to be innovation, intellectual property and brand differentiation. To stay ahead of the game and lift the barriers to entry, innovation is crucial. To take that a step further, sustainability is the art of innovation whilst maintaining a reliable and balanced business that delivers against growth aspirations.

Case Study: Oomiak

To make time to support the transition from working ‘in’ to ‘on’ the business, the founders of Oomiak chose SA Leaders. As a leader in industrial refrigeration, the business priorities were strategy and innovation to achieve sustainable growth.  

Through SA Leaders, the founders gained access to a diverse range of relevant expertise and experience. These strong connections have proven to be a great source of new ideas and have shaped the development of the business.


SA Leaders has been a positive and enriching experience. We have been able to share our journey with like-minded professionals and enhance the business through these interactions. This continual learning is very important to us.

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