Expert and Peer Community

How can I access a trusted Expert and Peer Community to support my business?

Running a business can be lonely. It can be stressful and overwhelming at times. It’s not always possible to share problems with staff or family. An independent voice of reason is often the answer. With a like-minded community of trusted experts and business owners, the opportunity exists to discuss challenges and share experiences. This provides comfort and confidence. And in turn, this helps business founders and leaders to make the best possible decisions.

Case Study: RV Electronics

With a focus on the caravan and campaign industry, RV Electronics designs, manufactures and distributes electronic products right around the world. To support this journey, the company become involved with the SA Leaders community.  

The ongoing opportunity to share challenges with and learn from the experience of members has been valuable. Advice from experts has enabled the transition from a small business mindset through to a more streamlined enterprise.  


My experience with SA Leaders has been positive and welcoming. With a wealth of information from experts and peers who have faced similar challenges, I have been able to strengthen the business in areas that require attention.”

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